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Education Ethos

Our aim is to develop a group of schools where kindness is at the heart of:

  • the child
  • the school
  • the wider community

We will educate children to achieve success, reach their full potential and to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

We will deliver schools where students flourish in a safe, secure and happy environment; enabling learning, creativity and discovery.

Students, staff, and parents are respected for their values and beliefs and appreciated for who they are, free to express themselves, but always expected to be respectful of others. Social, moral, physical and emotional well-being are not seen as ‘add-ons’, but essential to our schools’ philosophy.


is the heart

of our education

Our teachers will be expected to know the individual child, understanding their emotional and social well-being and learning needs.

Departmental and inter-departmental teamwork, seeing cross-curricular opportunities and delivering material in new and exciting ways is encouraged, as is the sharing of best practices between our schools.

Our school leadership teams will engage with students, staff and parents, driving the school to create an environment of mutual respect, where everyone has a sense of belonging. Students will learn appropriate ways to behave and conduct themselves.

Our schools will not be focused on the latest technology trends but will have appropriate EduTech capabilities, future-proofing our students in preparation for diverse employment opportunities.