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Artemis Education

Artemis Education will grow to be a force in education across the EMEA region. We are a Schools Group with great ambition to return education, and the business of education, back to being child-focused, with kindness at our core. We have a focus on the Middle East and Europe, but as new opportunities arise, we will adapt to the needs and requirements of different markets.

Artemis Education launched in 2019. Its first school is opening in Qatar and, with active projects around Europe and the Middle East, Artemis Education delivers outstanding education with four key differentials:

– Brilliant people who drive our schools and our children to achieve excellence at every level
– Outstanding, new, purpose-built and future-proof facilities.
– Excellent locations, allowing our schools to become community hubs.
– Affordable fees, enabling us to drive down the price of international curriculum education without comprising on quality.




Quality Education

Fair Price

Born in Qatar in 1992, our journey started in Doha with the establishment of Park House English School by the Brennan family.

In 2019, Niall Brennan founded Artemis Education, bringing the Artemis Education team together to focus its extensive experience of designing, building and operating a schools group in the Middle East.

Our key projects to date:

Our core business is the operation of schools. These schools will usually be built and designed to our specification, with our team providing advice and oversight throughout the construction phase, to ensure that complete Artemis schools group utilise the latest technology and deliver quality education at a fair price.

We are also able to draw on our expertise to offer consultancy services to school landlords and operators where required.



Education Services
– Curriculum development
– School design
– Business modelling
– Resources procurement
– Staff Recruitment
– Child protection
– Education consulting
– School operations
– Quality management
– School improvement
– School future-proofing

Property Development

– Landlord identification
– Contract management
– Building Design management
– Construction Management
– Project Management
– Fit-out and procurement management
– Facilities Management

Sector Specific Financing

– Fundraising through debt or equity
– Deal structuring
– Contracting
– Investor relations
– Contract management
– Realising value