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An Artemis Education School Alcantara International Coming soon to Lisbon

Lisbon’s newest International School – Opening September 2022

What does this mean for Alcântara?

The Alcântara School will beak the mould for International schooling standards in Lisbon, delivering excellence in education to the community with kindness at our core. Here is a snap shot of what you can look forward to coming to Lisbon in September 2022.

  • Aged 3-18 International Curriculum with full accreditation.
  • World-class British Principal – Martin Harris, formerly at Cheam UK.
  • Incredible learning spaces at the heart of the Alcântara community.
  • Cutting-edge Science and Technology collective.
  • Dedicated performing arts centre and music school.
  • Contemporary art-school and exhibition space.
  • Indoor Sports hall with Basketball and Five-a-side courts, Gym and Yoga/ Dance studio.
  • State-of-the-art research and presentation space.
  • Incredible value education, positively impacting the whole community.

Carbon positive education

Community outreach

Eco-Aware Curriculum

A message from the newly appointed Principal

A message from our new Principal – Martin Harris

Now is such an amazing time to open a brand-new school, given the enormous changes taking place in teaching and learning. We have moved from an era that was individual in focus and driven by subject content (how many exams can I pass?) and where the teacher was an authority figure, towards a consensus that learning is a process that happens individually and collectively, that our pupils should be emotionally aware, that they should be able to master a range of skills, and that they must have the resilience to be ready for whatever the future might throw at them.

It is even more exciting to embody these convictions in what will be a self-consciously urban school within a contemporary neighbourhood. My new school is located in a listed and industrial-feel building with a low carbon footprint, where the ‘upcycled’ feel is part of the school’s identity. Environmental stewardship is key. We will be offering a new-generation education within an international curriculum that emphasises tech-enabled learning collaboration, and a high degree of personal choice. The aim is to keep children busy, happy and fulfilled. Our children will be to move on to a wide range of recognised post-school studies having received a holistic, positive and world-class school experience.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Martin Harris

What does this mean for the community?

• Repurposing and upcycling a landmark heritage property.

Delivery of carbon-positive renovations through sustainable offsets.

• Delivery of carbon-positive school operations and ongoing business.

An eco-aware curriculum teaching environmental stewardship.

• School serves as the local community hub.

• Reward scheme for low-impact lifestyles (e.g. no cars on school runs).

Facilities designed for multi-purposing to drive eco-impact.

Incredible Facility

Heritage Site

Landmark Building