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A better planet

We believe that education for the next generation includes a responsibility to gift our children a better planet.

As parents and educators ourselves we are lucky enough to be able to stand up and make a promise, The Artemis Promise – to deliver a better planet to the communities we build and to the wider world in every way we can. We promise to deliver:

  1. A carbon negative education
  2. Community outreach
  3. An eco aware curriculum






Our steps to deliver The Artemis Promise starts from the very outset with our school designs. Working alongside our architects we aim to deliver efficient buildings that harness the energy of the sun and utilise shade or passive heating measures to keep our carbon use at the operational level as low as possible.

But delivering zero-carbon operations is not enough to satisfy our promise. We want to provide a truly carbon-negative education solution, and that means measuring and then offsetting the output of the entire construction, from breaking ground all the way through to our schools opening.

As a principle of The Artemis Promise we will deliver an education outreach programme that will enable our pupils and communities to be responsible global citizens. Artemis provides the support, logistics and finance needed to allow our schools to help those less fortunate than themselves, often from the farthest reaches of the world.

We strongly believe our community should be providing life-changing opportunities to the less fortunate, and delivering a better education is key to our beliefs. Over the coming years Artemis will identify and select different schools from around the world to support, and our schools will deliver that support through their own outreach programmes.



Eco aware


Of course we practise recycling at school and teach about the environment. We also encourage environmental stewardship in our school communities. Underpinning the way we view our teaching and learning is an awareness that environmentalism can influence all the daily activities of our schools.  It’s an interconnected approach that goes beyond topic-based teaching to address how we behave in our communities, asking deep questions about why and how we organise our lives.