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Artemis Education’s vision is to build a network of international schools,

based on four pillars;

brilliant people
driving our schools and our children to achieve excellence at every level
incredible facilities
that serve our schools as well as the wider communities.
excellent locations
allowing our schools to serve as community hubs
fair pricing
that allows us to drive down the price of international education


Artemis Education will educate our children to achieve success, reach their full potential and to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

We will deliver schools where students flourish in a safe, secure and happy environment; enabling learning, creativity and discovery.


Is the heart

Of our education

Artemis Education Schools

A network of schools across the EMEA Region

The Lisboan
Northview International Exterior
Northview International

the business

of Education

Company Background

Borne from decades of experience in running schools, we have a detailed knowledge of every facet of the business of education.

Live Projects
Across the region
Designing and building schools across the region
Greenfield Sites
Building new schools
Designing and delivering the very best education facilities for our children
Till our first school opens
Northview International opens its doors in September 2022